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We get it. Temple Rodef Shalom is a big place. But, we know how to bring it down to “fun size.” Do you like to take a hike while learning about local history? Do you love watching good films…and then critiquing them with friends? Are you into researching your family genealogy? Do you use the word “aperture” more than once a day? Then, join a Tent – our small groups initiative aimed at gathering together Temple members who enjoy the same interests, hobbies, sports.

Join a terrific tent today!

Congregational K-9s

This group is for all who love dogs. Join other TRS members for "petworking." No, not work-related, but instead let's use our pets to meet each other! We can meet at local dog parks, go for a hike, share tips, resources, etc. Let Sharon know if you're interested!

Children of Holocaust Survivors

Second and third-generation survivors (and family members) come together for friendship and to share resources. To read stories from family members of the tent please click here.

Environmental Professionals

The TRS Environmental Professionals Tent is open to all members who now work in an environmental job, previously worked in such a job, or are trying to break into the field. Our Tent started in 2017, before the TRS Tent program existed.  We are focused on networking, learning, sharing the challenges in our field, and exploring Jewish environmental text.  We sometimes share a short Jewish and/or environmental reading via email the week before the meeting. Our Tent is not an advocacy or green action team, although some of our Tent members also participate in that work at TRS. We meet about bimonthly, on Sundays at 10am.

Fans of The New Yorker

Our writers, essayists, and poets have gone digital! This Tent’s members share their work via email and meet up to compare notes, offer constructive criticism, discuss, brainstorm and connect.


Got ancestors? Sure you do. Learn more about where and from whom you come. Grow your own family tree with the help of some fellow TRSers who are experienced genealogists.

Grape Expectations

This Tent for wine lovers! We feature a particular varietal, region, or paring. We taste together and have a brief presentation on the wine’s characteristics, history, or general information about the wine makers!

History Hikers

Do you enjoy taking a walk in interesting places with friends? If so, come join us! Each month we choose a different location in the general area to ramble and explore, such as the Tinner Hill area of Falls Church or Congressional Cemetery. Tent members are invited to give their own informal tour of a place they know and love or to suggest a place they are interested in seeing. Our walks generally last about an hour and cover gentle to moderate terrain: sidewalks or relatively level natural areas with some hills.

Humor Hounds

"An Assemblage of Doggone Comedy Lovers." Join other TRS Members to share jokes (in good taste), discuss the anatomy of humor, tributes to famous comedians, funny experiences and more!

Joyful Grandparenting

Join other grandparents and share tips on connecting with grandkids, talk about our lives, learn about each other and nurture our friendships.

Just the Dads

Just the Dads is a TRS Tent for those identifying as fathers of children in K-6 grades (although fathers of older kids are welcome, too!). Join us for coffee, bagels, and a healthy dose of schmoozing!  

Movement Mavens: Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga with Julie, for all levels, incorporates movement and breathing, as we'll build strength, flexibility, focus, balance, determination, and overall well-being... all seated in a chair. Light weights (water bottles or cans work well) are optional. Standing in some poses is optional, too.

Movement Mavens: Shabbat Yoga

Lynne will lead us while we move, breathe, meditate and chant, while we deeply relax and connect with each other and with the Divine. As we relate to the here and now in class, we refresh ourselves for the coming week. For all levels.

Movies: First You Watch, Then We Talk

Previously known as Reservoir Fellas we are now expanding! Each month members of the group would screen the selected film (on their own) and we would discuss the film at the monthly meeting.


This Tent is for all photographers and wanna-be photographers! Join us to discuss cameras, photographic equipment, and the joy of taking the “perfect shot.”

Pedal Power

Temple cycling enthusiasts get together to ride, share information, routes, etc.


If the unemployed philosopher’s guild had a book group it would be SapienStudy at Temple Rodef Shalom.  We began with Harari’s Sapiens, continued with Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel and will now begin discussing: Liberalism and Its Discontents by Francis Fukuyama.  Classical liberalism is in a state of crisis. Developed in the wake of Europe’s wars over religion and nationalism, liberalism is a system for governing diverse societies, which is grounded in fundamental principles of equality and the rule of law. It emphasizes the rights of individuals to pursue their own forms of happiness free from encroachment by government. 

Social Connections for Young Adults with Disabilities

We are a group interested in enhancing the social connections for the diverse group of differently-abled/disabled young adults in the TRS community. Currently, we have family members who often find that making social connections can be a challenge. Our goals are to increase their social and religious opportunities beyond those from family, friends, and government services, as well as to promote an environment for greater inclusion in traditional TRS activities. 

We welcome families with differently-abled adults, as well as others in the TRS community, who would enjoy sharing a special interest, leading an activity, or being inclusive in some other way. 

We meet virtually the second Monday, of each month, from 7:00PM-8:00PM. If you would like to join our Tent, please send an email to 


Today in Israel

This Tent focuses on the leading news stories in Israel; we'll share articles and dive deep into modern Israel.


Our writers, essayists, and poets have gone digital! This Tent’s members share their work via email and meet up to compare notes, offer constructive criticism, discuss, brainstorm and connect.


We look forward to welcoming newcomers to our friendly group, a social event for Temple members who are Widows or Widowers. Our meeting has a casual format where we encourage everyone to introduce and share something unique about themself similar to  to “Show and Tell.” Everyone has a story but three-four minutes isn’t very much time, so relax and have fun. 

Women Who Mean Business

The Women Who Mean Business Tent (WWMB) brings together professional women to collaborate and support each other, share our stories, have some laughs, learn, grow, and inspire one another, and celebrate the benefits of women-only networking.  

We welcome women who are members of TRS from the ages of 21 to 101! Whether you’re working in a company, own your own business, consult, volunteer, or have an interest in helping women achieve professional success, we invite you to share your expertise and experiences. We have a lot to learn from each other, in all stages of our professional lives. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is the email address we will use for tents communications.
Please choose as many as you like. 
Sat, April 1 2023 10 Nisan 5783